Spending Time with Myself

Yesterday I wrote about whether I would rather be alone or be with other people. I said that I didn’t want to be a hermit, that I wanted to be around people.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t like going places by myself. There are times when I will leave the house alone and go to a movie or treat myself to a meal.

This past year I went to two baseball games. I traveled to the stadium, bought my ticket, got a hot dog and a Coke, and settled in my seat. Both times I went on a Friday, so after each game I got to see fireworks.


I didn’t focus on the game the whole time. I brought knitting with me to keep busy.


I had a great time.

I wish Lee could’ve gone with me, but being able to enjoy my own company is probably one of the greatest gifts I could ever receive.

I’m glad I like myself. Maybe me, myself, and I should make baseball games a tradition.

To be or not to be…alone?

Today’s prompt from BlogHer:

Do you enjoy being alone? Would you rather be around other people?

I used to think that my agoraphobia meant that I HAD to be alone. That I couldn’t stand to be around other people. I thought that, if I ever married, my husband and I would have to live in two houses next to each other so I could sleep alone at night.

And when I feel sick, even if it’s anxiety-related, I want to be by myself.

But I’m learning to handle things a bit better around people. Because, truly, I don’t want to be alone.

I mean, I like “me” time as much as the next person. But while I used to want to go solo, I don’t anymore. I think it’s because of the wonderful friends I’ve met, including my husband. I love being around them.