Time to Go for a Walk!

I took Blue to her yearly checkup this past weekend. She’s 8 years old now (we think) and, even though we take good care of her, I still get a bit nervous at what the doctor has to say.

“Blue’s doing great. Her blood levels are normal. Her tests came back negative for parasites.”


“There’s just one thing…she’s overweight.”

Well, I can relate to that. I have gained several pounds myself. It’s my own fault.

Blue couldn’t really help herself. A few months ago she jumped off our bed and started howling in pain. We were so afraid she had broken her leg, or even worse, her back. The vet said that she had a slipped disk. I think that’s what he said, anyway. I was just grateful that it wasn’t anything worse.

The doctor prescribed pain medication and steroids. That is when our hot dog turned into a sausage.

Thankfully she is doing much better, but she is not able to walk very far, most likely because she is out of shape. Like me.

Today was such a beautiful day that Lee suggested we take Blue and Buddy for a walk at lunch.


(^Our first walk together.)

We both started off strong. Buddy was leading the pack, of course, but Blue was close behind. By the end of the first half of the walk, though, we were both panting. She made it all the way back, but at a snail’s pace. (I think my body was grateful to switch to “stroll” status.)

I know it’s just the first day, but I’m hopeful for both of us. I always enjoy our walks, and now there’s even more of a purpose to them. In time, we will feel better and fit better into our garments. Well, her harness, anyway. She won’t let me dress her up in anything.

And, in time, we’ll both be smiling about how great we feel.


“I’ll Feel Better If I Go”

For some reason, I’m not completely comfortable with getting better. I have dealt with anxiety for so long that it has become a crutch.

I’m afraid to walk on my own.

But little by little, I’ve been making myself take a few steps. Even with the crutch nearby, I’m still getting together with friends and breaking through barriers.

I joined Curves last week. This is actually my third location. The first couple places I worked out religiously for a few months, and then my willpower fell by the wayside to sugary foods and laziness.

I joined the first couple times for someone else. Mainly my ex. He was obsessed with my weight, and when we separated I joined Curves so I could save our marriage. That’s not a huge weight on my shoulders at all.

But this time I’ve joined for me. Lee has told me time and again that he loves me just the way I am, and I truly appreciate that.

But I am out of shape. I am out of breath even before I’ve climbed one flight of stairs. Doing household chores takes twice as long as it should. And I’m tired. So tired.

Today was a day where I wasn’t feeling well. But I told myself, “I’ll feel better if I go,” and I did. Not that this phrase will work every time, but I have an inkling that this time it will work more than it did in the past.