My Happiest Moment

Today’s prompt from BlogHer:

Name the happiest moment in your life thus far.

I would have to say that was on December 31, 2008. My wedding to Lee.

A toast to the married couple!

It was a bit overcast that day, but the night was clear and crisp. We had decorated the backyard with Christmas lights on the fence. We invited only a few people so it would be an intimate affair. Both of us had been married before and had the big wedding, so we wanted something simple and elegant. I can tell you that our wedding turned out even better than expected.

I was still very nervous that evening, but as soon as Lee came to walk with me to the “altar,” I felt at ease. I knew I was marrying the right person.

When we walked into the backyard, everyone started to whistle “The Wedding March.”

We wrote our own ceremony, including our vows, and our officiant was a close friend.

We had a champagne toast afterwards, and our friends and family came up and said wonderful things that made everyone tear up.

Lee made our cake, and his sister Aimi painted beautiful cherry blossoms on the fondant. It was one of the most beautiful cakes I had ever seen.


At midnight we lit sparklers and celebrated the New Year.

Happy New Year!

I look back at that night fondly, and am so glad that we will be celebrating our third anniversary soon.

I love you, Lee!

East Austin Studio Tour

Just a couple photos today. Lee and his sister are a part of the East Austin Studio Tour, and I took photos of Lee’s art hanging up on Aimi’s fence. I’m so excited for both of them that they decided to be a part of this event!

Lee's art, Part 1

Lee's art, Part 2

He Likes Me! He Really Likes Me!

There are some people in your life that know when you need a little pick-me-up, even when you don’t know it. I had just had a meeting with my manager, whose last day will be the end of this week, and I was a little down. I checked my phone to see if anyone had called, and was greeted with the photo below.

As soon as I saw this, my grin spread from ear to ear.

What a sweet surprise!

My husband Lee, who I’ve been with for more than six years, sent me this precious note. He is a wonderful person who appreciates me in a way that I did not know was possible.

I used to think that being in a relationship would be too much work. I would say that if I ever got married, my husband and I would live in separate houses so that we could be together when we wanted. And then, when things got too much for me and I needed space to myself, I could go back to my house.

Of course, that never happened. I found out I could cohabitate just fine in my first marriage, but when that relationship crumbled, the apartment seemed to close in on me. By that time, my anxiety and depression invaded my life again and pulled me down into the abyss. It took me a while to climb back up, but I did it.

Once I was back living on my own, I decided to join MySpace to reconnect with friends and build a strong base around me. Every so often I would dwell about the divorce, and I even wrote a blog entry about it. I talked about how I was like a duck; on the surface I looked calm, but my legs were going a mile a minute underneath the water.

A few days later, I got an email.

March 16, 2005

just a random word of encouragement from a stranger.

hang in there. it gets better.

what I did to get my mind together was find something I’d always wanted to do but never had the time for … and channeled all of my energy into that whenever I thought about that “missing person” in my life.

now I can play bass. thanks, ex!

the cool part is when you realize you’re doing it because you love it, not because it’s a distraction. when you reach that point it’s amazing.

or get an assortment of krispy kremes, some coffee (black as midnight on a mooooonless night) and load up the twin peaks box set.

works for me when I get overwhelmed.

I thought it was a nice note and so I decided to write back to thank him. I didn’t expect him to write back, which he did. I also didn’t expect for one email exchange to blossom into a friendship, which it did. He never pressured me into anything else until I was ready.

Our first photo together

I had so many “what ifs” in my head. What if we’re not compatible? What if he finds out he can’t live with some of my querks? What if I have a panic attack on the way to his house and have to go back home and he’s disappointed? What if we decide to live together and then break up? What if my heart gets broken again?

But it turns out, just like anticipatory anxiety, things turned out not as bad as I feared. In fact, Lee has been the calm in my storm. And I have found that I can be calm for him, too, which I didn’t think was possible.

Not every day is a piece of cake, but having Lee as my friend and husband is the sweetest thing in the world.

Getting married in our backyard on New Year's Eve, 2008